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822 S. Kansas, Ste. 200
Topeka, Kansas  66612
Phone: (785) 233-3600 
Fax: (785) 233-1610

Mr. Watson provides advice to employers on day to day employment matters such as the application of the Wage and Hour Act to specific employment situations and complex litigation involving employment discrimination. Mr. Watson provides advice and counsel regarding the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 and related state laws and regulations governing the telecommunications industry. Mr. Watson is an ordained Elder in the Churches of God in Christ and represents religious institutions of various faiths in their intra-denominational/ecclesiastical disputes relating to hiring and terminating pastors (and other church leadership) and litigation involving pastoral misconduct. Mr. Watson has also represented various hierarchical religious organizations in their efforts to preserve property rights and other disputes implicating Church polity. He practiced in Chicago, Illinois for 17 years before joining Foulston Siefkin in 2007. In Chicago, he represented small to midsize businesses in general commercial disputes, both pre and post litigation, and in matters before the State Legislature, Executive Branch and various City Administrative Boards. Mr. Watson has extensive experience helping companies coordinate legislative efforts, and drafting legislative proposals.


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