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 Joel Gilbertson 
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  601 N. 5th St.
Bismark, ND 58501
Phone: (701) 595-0620

Government Affairs – Our experienced and energetic team lives daily in the trenches of state government. Our clients’ success is grounded in the relationships we have earned with policy makers from every corner of the state and in offices throughout the state capitol. Our depth of relationships and breadth of experience sets us apart. We are the state’s premier firm to move the needle on public policy. If you need offense, we’ve got it. If you need defense, we’ve got it. If you need a quarterback to develop and execute a comprehensive policy strategy, count us in. We deliver with creativity, professionalism, and timeliness.

Regulatory Representation – We advocate for and defend companies and individuals regulated by the state of North Dakota and its administrative agencies, boards, and political subdivisions. We assist clients in permit applications and advocacy, regulatory compliance, regulatory negotiation, and pro-active problem solving with regulators. We seek to efficiently solve issues you have encountered while doing business in North Dakota.

Ethics Counsel – Do you have questions about our lobbying laws or about other ethics disclosures or requirements in North Dakota? We are here to help navigate the gray areas, review and draft internal governance policies, and keep you and your constituencies up to date on the new and rapidly changing ethics regulations in North Dakota.

Public Affairs – We know that success depends on a clearly articulated message. We take that message and educate policymakers and opinion leaders on who you are and what you need.  We also promote your goals with active earned media and press outreach to influence public opinion and the political landscape. Whether through issue advocacy, grassroots and grasstops mobilization, building coalitions or smart communication strategies, we can target the audience and influence them, or help build your fanbase and activate them.

Issue/Ballot Campaigns – More and more in North Dakota, voters are being asked to make law and policy. Simply put, ND has seen an uptick ballot measures and significant investments in those measure campaigns, even including campaigns to change the state constitution. The dynamics are different, and the stakes are high. We are equipped to design a measure, or defend or defeat a measure. We know campaign management, polling, messaging, grassroots activation and voter contact. We have the experience to navigate either side when it’s up to the people’s vote. 



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