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Government Contracts & Procurement

The processes governments follow in procuring goods and services from the private sector can be a confusing morass for our clients. In addition to the specific rules for open competitive selection of vendors, most governmental entities also have special ethics laws governing procurement, including gift bans, pay-to-play laws and lobbyist registration laws.

SLR's Government Contracts & Procurement Practice Group was created to allow our members to develop and showcase their expertise in assisting clients to navigate the complex and highly regulated field of government contracts and procurement. Whether the client is seeking help in marketing its products or services to government, or is seeking to challenge an award to a competitor, our practice group's members have developed the necessary skills to expertly guide our clients.

SLR has formed the Government Contracts and Procurement Practice Group to provide a forum for members to stay abreast of new laws and developing trends, to learn new methods for assisting our clients market products or services to governments, and to help our clients navigate the legal and regulatory challenges presented by government procurement.

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