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1001 College Court 
New Bern, NC 28562 
Phone: (252) 672-5400 
Fax: (252) 672-5477

Mr. Norment works regularly with individuals, corporations, and governmental entities on a variety of complex legal matters.  His experience in substantive areas of the law includes government contracts (with an emphasis on local, state, and federal construction contracts and the procurement of goods and services), government relations and lobbying (including campaign finance and ethics issues), and economic development law (especially public-private partnerships and incentives).  Mr. Norment has extensive experience with board governance issues, open meeting and public records laws, and military economic development initiatives.  Mr. Norment provides legal services to corporations, individuals, cities, counties, public housing authorities, community colleges, and other independent subdivisions of the State.  Prior to joining Ward and Smith, he was a legislative assistant in Washington, D.C. where he handled a variety of issues, including military construction and public works appropriations, for a member of congress who served on the House Armed Services and Agriculture Committees.  He was previously a research fellow in public education at a public policy foundation.

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