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822 S. Kansas, Ste. 200
Topeka, Kansas  66612
Phone: (785) 233-3600 
Fax: (785) 233-1610

James P. Rankin is the senior partner in charge at Foulston Siefkin LLP’s office in Topeka, Kansas. He practices in the area of employee benefits, employment law, corporate law and mergers and acquisitions. He was admitted to the Kansas bar in 1976. He is also admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court.

Rankin has an extensive list of seminar and speaking engagements, and of published articles, in the field of employee benefits, taxation and employment law topics. He is a member of the American, Kansas, and Topeka Bar Associations, and active in the ABA’s Tax Section Division on employee benefits and the ABA’s section of Labor and Employment Law.

Mr. Rankin’s practice focuses on regulatory, ERISA and tax law rules applicable to pension, profit sharing, tax sheltered annuity and health and life insurance plans. Mr. Rankin has extensive Kansas regulatory experience in all insurance areas including health & accident, life & annuity, and property & casualty. He represents both large and small employers in ERISA, insurance, and employment law matters.

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