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Nashville City Center
511 Union Street, Suite 2700
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: (615) 244-6380
Fax: (615) 244-6804

James Weaver has been assisting clients with government relations, including incentives and relocation packages for nearly 30 years. An attorney with a passion for policy and politics, James delivers strategic advice and counsel to clients seeking assistance understanding, interacting or doing business with the government. From traditional lobbying to providing regulatory counsel, to leading complex public affairs efforts, to dealing with a crisis, James provides insightful guidance to his clients using his extensive experience and knowledge of how government works.

Many of Tennessee's largest and highest-profile businesses rely on James as their primary government affairs advisor.  

James has spent years building relationships and cultivating a reputation for honesty and excellence.  His relationships with elected officials and senior business leaders across the state provide a unique perspective and an unparalleled ability to solve a client's problems. As part of his practice, James works with clients across the region with the site selection, incentives and permitting, and public, community and government affairs aspects of controversial projects. A charismatic country boy from a small town in West Tennessee with an innovative and influential spirit, James also delivers value by offering creative options and ideas to clients seeking to form, expand, relocate or revitalize their business.



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