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251 E. Front St
Ste 300
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 343-5454

Mr. Armbruster joined the firm in 1979. After graduating from University of Denver Law School, he worked for three years in the office of the Boise City Attorney and acted as Deputy City Attorney.

Mr. Armbruster’s major practice areas involve municipal law, redevelopment work on behalf of urban renewal agencies, and municipal financing. He is responsible for supervising the provision of legal services to the Capital City Development Corporation, the Idaho Falls Urban Renewal Agency, the Jerome Urban Renewal Agency, and the Garden City Urban Renewal Agency. He has been instrumental in the implementation of Idaho’s Urban Renewal Law and Economic Development Act.

As legal counsel to the various urban renewal agencies, Mr. Armbruster guides each agency through plan implementation, plan amendments, statutory compliance, financing, property acquisition, and property development.


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