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515 W. Landscape Place, Suite 101
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
Phone: (605) 361-9840
Fax: (605) 271-7872

120 N. Main Street
Parker, SD 57053
Phone: (605) 297-4446
Fax: (605) 297-4488

Because the actions of the legislature have increasingly broad and far-reaching impacts, respected and competent representation at the state legislature has become critical to the future success of many public and private entities. Likewise, government representation has become a specialty requiring experience, knowledge, tested ability, well-developed personal contacts, and a solid reputation.

The Duncan Law Firm has achieved its status as a premier government relations firm through its use of a team approach to client representation. Team members are kept current on the status of client legislation and, at critical junctures, join in an “all-out” lobbying effort. This team approach enables us to lobby whole committees and the entire membership of the legislature in the critical hours or minutes while legislation is considered.

As a complement to its lobbying efforts, The Duncan Law Firm has developed a detailed legislative monitoring system. Our bill tracking and committee monitoring services are labor intensive, but produce timely and accurate information for client decision-making. Regular reports on the progress of legislation of interest and client initiatives assure ongoing client involvement and informed analysis throughout the legislative process.

The Duncan Law Firm is pleased to be a member of the national network of State Law Resources and the National Society of State Government Affairs Professionals. Both organizations conduct in-depth background interviews with state government affairs professionals across the United States to create their networks. We are proud to have been invited to join these organizations of state government affairs professionals.




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